The Pavilion – Textile Museum

The Pavilion - Textile Museum

The Pavilion - Textile Museum

Category: Museum, Heritage Building

Location: Kuching, Sarawak

Ratings **

Lost Ratings *** I was the only visitor. Great place for a rest.

Despite its yawn-inducing name, the Textile Museum in Kuching is worth a look inside, if only because the full-blast air-conditioning feels heavenly after a walking tour of Kuching under the hot sun. It is located opposite the General Post Office and next to the Round Tower.

The 3-storey building has interesting life-like mannequins depicting the various costumes of the multi-ethnic population of Sarawak. Examples include the renowned Iban pua kumbu, bark cloth and Sarawak Malay kain songket. It has four galleries featuring raw materials, weaving, textile motifs and accessories and bridal wear. The exhibition flow follows the process of making a textile which starts with the raw material and through the weaving stages and ends up with the finished products.

The building that houses this museum is called the Pavilion and is an interesting heritage building on its own. Constructed in 1907 as a medical centre, it later became the headquarters of the Education Department in 1947.

Its design is reminiscent of buildings in the southern states of America, that is, a mixture of the English Renaissance and English Colonial. It is rectangular in design, three stories high with a flat concrete roof. Two flights of timber staircase lead to the upper floors and are decorated with ornamental balustrades.

Opening hours: daily except 1st day of major festivals 9am – 4.30pm

Entrance fee: free

Address: Jalan Tun Abang Haji Openg



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