Kelambu Beach

What? Secluded beach

Where? Kudat, Sabah

Ratings: ** Kalampunian beach is better, but Kelambu beach is more hidden away. The sand is not as soft as at Kalampunian.

Lost Ratings: **** More remote than Kalampunian Beach.

Kelambu Beach is another one of the many secluded beaches located in Kudat. This particular beach is located near the Tip of Borneo (Tanjung Simpang Mengayau), but is not to be confused with Kalampunian Beach.

As you drive towards Simpang Mengayau, you will come to a junction. There are no signboards, but turning right takes you to Kalampunian Beach and the Tip of Borneo. Taking the left turn will lead you to Kelambu Beach. There are no signboards along the way either, probably because the locals want to keep this beach to themselves. Don’t turn back, you will soon reach the place after about 30 minutes, if I remember correctly.

Kelambu means mosquito net, and it is supposed to refer to the shape of the beach. Indeed, the beach is divided into two during high tide. At low tide, it is possible to climb up the hill on the other side for an aerial view of the place. But be careful to get back before the tide comes in.

The very exclusive villas of Kudat Riviera are hidden here and there, but entry is not permitted even if you “just want to have a look”. This is only for billionaires and movie stars who want a private retreat. Thankfully, a part of Kelambu Beach remains public.


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