Panorama Kinarut Mansion


What? Ruins of a mansion

Where? Kinarut

Ratings: * Only if you are really, really interested in history

Lost Ratings: *

Kinarut Mansion or Rumah Besar Kinarut used to be the home of the first manager of Kinarut Rubber Estate, Mr W.F.C. Asimont. The Greco-roman style mansion was built between 1910 and 1914, and was one of the first few stone buildings to be built in Sabah. Mr Asimont definitely knew how to choose the best location for his home, overlooking the South China Sea and his surrounding plantations. However, the building was demolished around 1923.

Kinarut Estate represents the pioneering era of large-scale commercial crop cultivation in early North Borneo and the contribution by foreign, private companies to develop Sabah’s economy. This historical site was gazetted in August, 1994. Coming from Kota Kinabalu, it is located somewhere between Kinarut and Papar, (less than 30 minutes from KK) on the left-hand side of the road. Look out for the signboard marking the site. It is located at the turning to the Police Training Centre (Pulapol). Park your car at the car park just right beside the road. Going straight down will lead you to the entrance to Pulapol.


There are stairs leading all the way up to the site of the mansion. All that remains though are a few pillars and stairs. The view is not that panoramic despite its name and the sea is barely visible. Perhaps when the house was still standing, the view from upstairs would have been better. There is a small trail at the back and a short walk through the secondary forest will take you to the Police Training Centre. Magpie Robins and a few other species of birds can be seen, as well as termite nests, but be prepared to spray on plenty of mosquito repellent.


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11 thoughts on “Panorama Kinarut Mansion

  1. Should i go…..? (-_-;)

  2. losttraveller

    Hi KotaKinako. Welcome to my blog. Check out the entry on sininggazanak. You will want to see that. ;)

  3. ismahzuliana

    saya mau p tengok panorama rumah besarklu mau p sana tengok tu rumah mau bayar lagi kah.klu mau bayar berapa bayarannya?

  4. losttraveller

    Tidak payah bayar. Free.

  5. gansautraveller

    thanx 4 ur da infos here. went was a gud n new experienced 4 me. luv our heritage..

  6. starstruck

    Nice Blog….keep the good work.^^

  7. Can you show me the location more clearly? Like position of GPS or something…

  8. Anonymous

    Waktu beroperasi bila? Buka ka hari ahad?

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