Paganakan Dii


Location: Sepilok, Sabah

A new hostel that has been getting rave reviews from guests. It is located near Sepilok. Built from recycled materials, in line with its back to nature concept, the hostel provides a relaxing place for travellers who want to take a break from travelling for a few days. The hostel is located on a hill overlooking oil palm and fruit trees and secondary forests. The duplex rooms and toilets are beautifully designed, and the hammock chairs look very inviting.



the view

the view

Longhouse dormitory

Longhouse dormitory

beds in longhouse

beds in longhouse

Recycled wok

Recycled wok

2009 Room rates:

Longhouse – Single bunk bed $28/bed

Duplex – contact Paganakan Dii for more info.

My photos don’t do justice to this place, so visit their website for more beautifully-taken photos of this place.

Contact information:

tel: +6 089 532 005


address: Mile 14, Jalan Labuk, Sandakan

Facilities: free internet, transfer to Sepilok


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