News: goblins in Sarawak school

Sourced from the New Straits Times 2009/03/02:

A primary school in Mukah, a coastal town in central Sarawak, is using Indonesian exorcists to drive out a “toyol” which has been causing havoc in the school over the last few months.

An English daily reported that the exorcists spent Wednesday and Thursday nights last week conducting rituals to drive away the toyol.

Led by Kiyai Mashuri Tholib, the group — Prepokan Kesepuhan Siliwangi Pandegeleng — admitted to the paper that they had tried to drive away the evil spirit, but it was not easy. It was not known if the attempt was successful.

According to Wikipedia, a toyol is a mythical spirit in the Malay mythology of Southeast Asia (notably Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore). It is a small child spirit invoked by a bomoh from a dead human foetus using black magic. It is possible to buy a toyol from a bomoh.

A person who owns a toyol uses it mainly to steal things or to do mischief.

Superstition has it that if money or jewellery keeps disappearing mysteriously from a house, a toyol might be responsible. One way to ward off a toyol is to place some needles under the money, for they are afraid of needles.

For more on toyols,


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