Lok Kawi beach

One for the wedding album

One for the wedding album

What? Beach

Where? Kota Kinabalu

Ratings: ** Nice beach, with white sand.

Lost Ratings: *** Off the tourist route. Not even listed on Sabah Tourism’s website.

Heading south towards Papar from Kota Kinabalu is a long stretch of beach facing the South China Sea, and not frequented at all by tourists.

The sand is fine and white, covered in some areas by creepers, but the waters are not that suitable for swimming. Bird-enthusiasts sometimes come here to observe birdlife. No lifeguards are present and safety is not guaranteed as the beach is really deserted. Single, female travellers are not advised to go there alone.

There are no signboards indicating Lok Kawi beach. Driving towards Lok Kawi from Kota Kinabalu, look out for the army camp on the left. Opposite it are some stalls selling drinks by the roadside on the right. There is a car park there. The entrance to the beach is behind the bushes. Getting there without your own transportation will be a problem, unless you charter a taxi.

Getting to Lok Kawi beach

Getting to Lok Kawi beach


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