Kipungit Waterfall


Location: Poring Hot Springs, Kinabalu Park, Sabah

Ratings: ** The waterfall is not spectacular, but is worth a visit if you have time while at Poring Hot Springs.

Lost Ratings: *** Usually deserted on a weekday, while you can swim with the locals on the weekends. Crowded during Malaysian school holidays.

Many foreign tourists who visit Poring Hot Springs usually just go to the Canopy Walk and then soak in the hot springs before going back. But there is much more to Poring then just these two attractions. There is also the Butterfly Farm, Tropical Garden, Rafflesia Garden and two waterfalls – Kipungit and Langanan.

While it takes two hours to trek to Langanan Waterfall, Kipungit is much more accessible. It is only a 15-minute walk from the Canopy Walk ticket gate. After a short hike up to the canopy walk, visitors can refresh themselves at the cold waters of the falls. This is especially so during holidays when the hot springs can be crowded, and the falls is one of the places where you can escape from the hordes of tourists.

The Kipungit Waterfall is not that high, but the waters can still look beautiful especially after a heavy rain the night before. The waterfall is surrounded by the tropical rainforest, and the cold, (but not icy-cold) waters is a great place for a swim or a frolic in the waters. The pool at the foot of the falls is not very deep (An adult can stand up above the waters), but care should still be taken since the place is deserted at times and you will find yourself being the only one there. It can be quite spooky then.

On the way to the falls, the White-crowned Shama, a bird related to the magpie robin,  is very often spotted. The pill millipede can also sometimes be seen along the trail to the waterfall. Other not so popular creatures are the tiger leech, but you would be very unlucky (or lucky) to encounter one.

There used to be a natural liana swing at the waterfall, but unfortunately, the liana has broken off, either due to strong winds or a very heavy person sitting on it. There is also another fun surprise at the Kipungit Fall, but this is one surprise that I would like to keep to myself for the time being…

Getting there: 400m or 10 minutes walk from the canopy walk ticket gate



  1. Alex Green said,

    September 30, 2010 at 6:15 PM

    I saw that largest flower, Rafflesia arnoldii which was huge and around more or less 1 meter in its diameter. Then I had gone for Canopy Walk which was hypothetical to be a track walking path. Then the 2 different waterfalls. Bathe within the Japanese-fashion baths. I took a look at Butterfly Farm. Following url provides the information on “Things to see at Poring”

  2. Tadpole said,

    April 18, 2012 at 5:14 PM

    Now I know the fun surprise after I visit this waterfall 😉

    • losttraveller said,

      April 21, 2012 at 10:00 AM

      Haha. It’s probably hard to find something that you don’t know about Tadpole since you’ve already been everywhere.

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