Villager fights off crocodile

Sourced from The Star online 22/01/2010

KUCHING: A lorry driver survived a crocodile attack by poking the reptile in its eyes repeatedly when it refused to let go of him.

Mathias Winston, 37, from Kampung Semada Belatok, had gone to the river for a bath at about 6.30pm on Wednesday when the five-metre-long crocodile struck.

Lucky escape: Mira caring for Mathias who was treated for injuries (inset) to his hands and legs at the hospital in Kuching Thursday.

“While I was having my bath the river seemed to be clear. Then suddenly, a crocodile bit my legs from under the calm water.

“I tried to prise open the crocodile’s jaws but it would not let go. I then poked its eyes until it released me,” he said at the Sarawak General Hospital here where he was being treated for injuries to his hands and legs yesterday.

Mathias wrestled with the creature for about 10 minutes at Sungai Semada, Balai Ringin, near here before screaming for help.

His wife Mira Dehim, who was cooking in their house near the river, heard him and rushed to his rescue.

“I ran to the river bank and was shocked to see him being attacked by the crocodile. I grabbed his hand and tried to pull him out.

“I thought he was going to die as the crocodile was so big,” she said, adding that this was the second such incident in the village.

In 2008, a villager was attacked by a crocodile but survived with injuries to his hips, thighs and ribs.


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  1. Kenneth Hilliam said,

    March 1, 2010 at 7:08 AM

    Please see other earlier messages below.

    I see on the Internet that there are many attacks by crockodiles, in Au, Somalia, Philippines, Africa , USA , Solomon Islands, Brunei..

    I live in Canada and maybe I have thought of some simple ways to safely catch crockodiles.

    I am getting old but I can think.

    There are so many stories that I spent the last 70 days thinking that there must be better ways than using ropes and extreme strength by people. I can not go to those countries but I thought that maybe some government could help me test the ideas. If my ideas save lives then maybe some government would give me a chance to help me with my possible energy inventions. Croc attacks are so horrible that I thought that someone would give my ideas a confidental test.

    My message…

    Maybe I found ways to catch crocs safely, simply, cheaply and one of these possible inventions could also be used to help save people from drowning in floods. Croc cages are expensive, so better ways of controlling their open jaws should be examined.

    I am writing the Au and Europe Governments asking for free patents in exchange allowing government rangers, rescuers, to use them for free. There are many croc attacks and floods every week somewhere.

    Could a listener ask a government to help me and then citizens could be at lower risks of attacks.

    I live in Canada. Philippino nurses saved my life several times since a major June 2004 heart attack…Maybe I have inventions to save others.

    I just want some feedback, a chance to have a gov test them. Every web site shows the same rope and catch methods to catch crocs. Safer and simple inexpensive methods that anyone can build should be possible. I do not want someone to control the inventions. I want them to be free to save lives.

    Kenneth Hilliam
    945- 9 th avenue
    Canada H8S 3C8

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