Borneo statistics

1. 3rd largest island in the world

743,330 square kilometres

(Largest islands in the world 1. Greenland 2. New Guinea)

2. Only island divided into 3 countries

Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei

3. 3rd highest island in the world

highest point 4095.2m – Mt Kinabalu

(1. New Guinea 2. Hawaii)

4. 10 largest cities in Borneo (in terms of population)

1. Kuching 2. Banjarmasin 3. Kota Kinabalu 4. Pontianak 5. Sandakan 6. Balikpapan 7. Bandar Seri Begawan 8. Samarinda 9. Tawau 10. Miri

5. Highest mountains in Borneo/Malaysia

  1. Mount Kinabalu 4095.2m, Sabah
  2. Mount Trus Madi 2642m, Sabah
  3. Mount Tambuyukon 2579m, Sabah

6. Longest rivers in Borneo

  1. Kapuas River 1143km (West Kalimantan) – longest river in Indonesia 
  2. Mahakam River 980km (East Kalimantan)
  3. Barito River 890km (South Kalimantan)

7. Largest cave passage in the world

Deer Cave (Gunung Mulu National Park, Sarawak)

8. Population

18,590,000 (2009)

Reference: Wikipedia


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