NEWS: Granny fends off croc attack with a mean punch

Sourced from The Star online

Friday October 28, 2011  A 63-YEAR-OLD woman from a longhouse in Sibuti, near Miri, socked a crocodile in the eye and escaped being eaten alive by the reptile, Harian Metro reported. Lumeit Entabang was bathing by the banks of Sungai Bakas, not far from her home in Rumah Empading, when she felt a sharp bite on her left hand. She was then dragged into the water. “All I could do was scream,” she said. “The crocodile let go of my hand and then grabbed my left thigh. “Quickly and with all my might, I hit it right in the eye with my clenched fist,” she said, adding that the punch caused the reptile to loosen its grip and flee to the opposite bank. Following the incident, residents of the longhouse and nearby villa-ges held a miring ngampun ceremony, a traditional Iban ritual to pacify any spirit or jungle creature that the community may have offend-ed. Villager Jackson Gawing, 63, said the Ibans believed that the crocodile had a spiritual relationship with the community but some people might have offended the reptile by killing baby crocodiles that got stuck in their fishing nets. The injured Lumeit said that although her village had been supplied with piped water, she continued to bath and wash by the river as she had done for the past 60 years. “But I’m never going near the river again,” she said.


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